It's time to stop doubting!

Human Design & Intuitive Empowerment

with Chi Lisa Schulz


Honour yourself


Human Design & Intuitive Empowerment

with Chi Lisa Schulz

I help women like you to deeply


honour and

trust yourself,

so you can live a life that feels like you are actually sitting in the driver's seat of your own life's bus.

And no longer just watch your life from the back row of your vehicle, while looking pretty, conforming and making everyone else feel good about themselves.

My mission for all women like you is to feel deep worth and meaningful connection, to yourself and your own divinity within and from this place to each other.

So you can experience nourishing and powerful relationships in all areas of life.

Bye bye seperatedness & loneliness!

Your heart is not this push-over, submissive kindness, that can get taken advantage of.

It is the most powerful ego penetrating power and intelligence there is in our universe.

My mission is that you understand what it means to lead from this space!

Your heart is not just this tender spot in your body, but rather a magnificent force holding colossal capacity to revolutionize everything in your life!

Your mind is in humble service of your wise and powerful heart.

The tools that I use to guide you on an empowering journey are:

* holistic Human Design wisdom for powerful self-discovery

* my intuitive guidance and life wisdom,

* my empowerment coaching skills and

* my sacred sisterhood community I facilitate to grow together

I share practical life wisdom, ceremonies, tools and practices to help women feel comfortable in a room full of opiniated people - because she deeply knows and trusts herself and life.


you are here to live a life fueled by your creativity not by your survival!

You are here to discover your greatness.

You are here to feel how loved and guided you are by the greater. Often it takes a relearning on how to interpret life.

You are here to experience a life of inner and outer freedom, love, peace and child-like joy! That's where I (at least) feel closest to god.

Dive in and let us explore how I can make a difference in your life!

Dive into the empowerment through several offers I have for you.

My 1:1 private coaching, my sacred sisterhood gatherings or my 1:1 activations with the Human Design.

Are you ready to unlock your own brilliance?

Human Design for Individuals and Couples

Are you ready to understand your gifts?

Get a shortcut to understanding your natural gifts, talents and soul's purpose in life. Individually or as a couple. Your Human Design chart holds powerful realizations and permission slips for you.

Be you, do you, for you.

1:1 Intuitive Empowerment Coaching

Are you ready to stop doubting yourself?

Experience a powerful journey that mobilises you to release limiting conditioning and remember the confident woman, who honours herself, leads from her powerful heart & taps into her inner knowing.


Sacred Women Circles online and in person

Are you ready to rise in sisterhood?

Find your womenly family. Dive into your sacred sisterhood network, where you cultivate authenticity, feminine living and deep connection.

Get inspired by fellow sisters who are on the same journey as you.

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