Unlock your unique connection with Human Design

and watch your relationship flourish.

Do you want to create the most mutually beneficial and fulfilling partnership?

Do you want to discover your unique compatibility and strengths together?

Are you in a loving relationship, but occasional hiccups and recurring patterns leave you puzzled and a bit frustrated?

Do misunderstandings and confusion seem to crop up more often than you'd like, casting shadows on your otherwise harmonious connection?

You're not alone.

In even the healthiest relationships, challenges can arise. The beauty of love is that it brings two unique individuals together, each with their own quirks and qualities.

But sometimes, these differences can lead to misunderstandings and moments of irritation. It's not a sign of a flawed relationship; it's simply a part of the journey to grow and become more and more aware of who and how (!) you and your partner are in your core.

A Human Design reading for couples unveils the secrets of your unique connection. It is a new approach to deepening your love and understanding for each other.

With Human Design, you and your partner can gain invaluable insights into your individual designs, illuminating why you have those recurring patterns and how to navigate them more effectively.

Through this journey, you'll better understand:

a) yourselves as individuals,

b) each other and

c) the dynamics of your relationship as a whole.

Human Design provides a personalized roadmap for enhancing your connection, offering insights into how to communicate, support, and nourish each other in ways that resonate with your unique designs.

See how we are actually designed underneath the layers of conditionings, you might have picked up in society, school etc. and free yourself from it!

🤍 you understand how you are truly energetically built & how this is different to your partner. Imagine you'd understand yourself and your partner correctly. With a spiritual and personalized IKEA-like manual (I like to joke!) - a map of your and your partner's aura and a clear guide on how the two souls want to do life.

🤍 you make the most fulfilling decisions in every day life that honour yourself and the partnership.

🤍 you gain awareness & start seeing you from a new perspective, you'd start shifting unconcsious patterns, limitations & false beliefs.

🤍 you understand your energy flow and learn how to best use your energy together.

🤍 you re-ignite your fire & creativity in your partnership.

🤍 you experience more emotional intimacy in your relationships and relate to others even deeper despite your differences.

🤍 you deeply feel seen and recognized by your Human Design charts and what it clarifies and acknowledges about you and your partnership.

🤍you start living in greater harmony with your true self. A permission slip for both of you to truly be yourself and live out your power and quirks. Feeling a sense of self-acceptance and freedom within.

🤍 Human Design is not a tool to fix or blame the other partner, but to bring awareness, loving compassion & acceptance

.... so that you can experience a deeper love & more fullfillment with each other.

Note: A Human Design Reading for couples is not a replacement for couple therapy, it's a guided reading where we explore the energetic landscapes of both partners according to Human Design.

The Human Design is a powerful 'wisdom system' based on your exact time, date & place of birth. It combines both ancient & modern science: Astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, the yogic Chakra System and Quantum Physics.

In this 2 hour 1 : 2 reading I combine my distinctive intuition and my skills as an empowerment coach while I use the clarity

of the Human Design wisdom.

This gives my readings a unique, empowering & deep signature.

The 1 : 2 individual Human Design reading is for men & women of all ages and includes:

  • 120 minutes couple reading with me
  • via the Zoom call app
  • tailoring in your personal questions during the call
  • profound Human Design e-book of almost 40 pages to deepen your insights
  • Zoom recording is shared after the reading for unlimited replay

your investment only: 333€

Hi, I am

it's so nice to meet you!

I'm a passionate certified Human Design reader & intuitive Empowerment Coach with four years of experience guiding individuals on a journey of self-connection, self-awareness, and self-trust.

My journey into Human Design began in 2014, through my mentor Iris von Tiedemann. However, it fully embraced me when my son was born in 2018. I was so curious to unpack what soul came down onto this planet, so I could be the best mother on his journey.

As an unconventional, free-spirited 4/6 sacral generator with a stellium in Cancer (don't worry, it will all make sense after your reading), I'm an not your typical Human Design Reader, as I always use my unique intuition and empathy to guide you beyond logic.

Today, I'm more than a certified Human Design Reader; I've walked in your shoes. My own personal story from gloom to bloom helps me understand the desire for change, the quest for authenticity, and the yearning for soul-aligned freedom. I'm here to guide you because I believe everyone deserves a life aligned with their inner truth.

My journey isn't just about Human Design; it's a fusion of Empowerment Coaching, Women's Circle facilitation, and hosting retreats. This diverse background has allowed me to witness over a hundred people undergo profound transformations as they align with their true nature.

My vision is to help you discover inner safety, deep connection to your magical inner universe, and unwavering trust in yourself and life. I aspire to see everyone fall in love with themselves, embracing their true identity, and accepting every facet of it.

My goal is to empower people to live abundantly, freely, and simply happy.

As mentioned above, I'm a proud mother to my beautiful son Manoa, and our two homes in Bali and Berlin offer the perfect balance of excitement and tranquility. My big obsessions include all things family, community, nature adventures & flowers.

I'm excited to get to know you and join you on your self-discovery journey.

A secret recipe for any relationship is when both partner enter the relationship as who they truly are, not as false conditioned self, that is acting from limited strategies and coping mechanisms.


founder of the Human Design system

The Human Design reading reaffirmed my experience of my relationship. I experienced an acceptance of "spirituality" in my life. I had an energie experience in the following days.

It literally changed the way I see my life and how I intend to live it going foreward. Chi is a nice and calm presence. I really felt heard and personally taken care of with her.

Tom Keller & Christina Feldmann

Thank you for the Couple Human Design reading. My girlfriend was thrilled. She has never been so thrilled by a call of this kind. I totally recommend the Human Design reading for couples. It is really worth it!

Rafael Frenk & Feli von Speth

After the couple reading with Chi I definitely have a better understanding of myself and my relationship. It’s been crazy how accurate she analyzed us! Don’t hesitate and do the reading with Chi! She is an absolute expert and a very welcoming, empathic and lovely person.

Ellen Markman & Boris Grabole

Unlock the secrets of your connection

and watch your relationship flourish

We don't live most fulfilled when we adapt, compromise ourselves, act out of limited beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and woundings, but when we live our most authentic self underneath all these conditionings.

Discover your & your partner's unique self in a new way, so you can best interact with each other. Experience deeper understanding, connection and intimacy with each other.

Do you crave an individual deep dive on your Human Design?

Empower your current transformation with a personal deep dive, focused just on you, your strengths, talents & vulnerabilities.

Gain clarity about your brilliance, unleash your authenticity and feel fully inspired and energized for what's next.


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