Discover your inner clarity, become an empowered decision maker

and start trusting yourself.

Struggling to trust your inner voice?

It's a common struggle that so many of us face in life. The nagging feeling that you're capable of so much more, but something is holding you back.

That feeling is doubt.

You doubt your abilities.

You doubt your decisions.

You doubt your feelings.

You doubt your worth.

It's as if there's a weight on your shoulders, and it's keeping you from living the life you truly dreamt of as a child.

This doubt makes you focus on the external world and makes you seek validation from the outside. You float and you are easily influencial.

You constantly go back and forth.

When you are in doubt you are like a doormat.

You are not in your strength but being disempowered.

This is what's actually happening

When you are in doubt, underneath actually lies anxiety and fear to not be safe in this world.

It's a painful, suffocating sensation that can affect every aspect of your life, from your career to your relationships.

It's time to bring safety, strength and confidence back into to your life.

I am here to help you move through this

I am here to help you to move away from



feeling small and

step into your power and rise above this. In all aspects of life!

I'm here to help you break free from the chains of second-guessing yourself and place yourself as a strong presence into this world.

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to empower you, boost your self-confidence, and gain trust in yourself and in life.

Stop doubting - Start trusting.

🤍 you understand how you are truly energetically built & how this is different to most people in your life. Imagine you'd understand yourself correctly with a spiritual and personalized IKEA-like manual

(I like to joke!)

🤍 you experiencing clarity and a strong, unwavering sense of self-worth & confidence, because clarity trumps it all

🤍 you make the most fulfilling decisions in every day life that honour yourself

🤍 you optimize your energy & avoid burn-out

🤍 you gain awareness & new perspective, by letting go of unconcsious patterns,

limitations & false beliefs

🤍 you gain awareness & start seeing you from a new perspective, you'd start shifting unconcsious patterns, limitations & false beliefs

🤍 you experience more emotional intimacy in your relationships and relate to others even deeper despite your differences

🤍 you deeply feel seen and recognized when you understand your Human Design chart and what it tells you about you

🤍 you feel your inner creative fire ignite again and be filled with motivation and ideas

🤍 you have a permission slip to truly be you and live out your power and quirks. Feeling a sense of self-acceptance and freedom within

🤍 you are uncovering your soul-purpose and the unique role you play within humanity

Your journey from doubt to trust

Over the course of your journey with me, we will go though a number of activations. We need to first understand all the tools we have - your personal gifts combined with mine, to move you out of your doubting state to a state of trust. Below you see an example of the empowerment steps leading you to this place.

Week 1 - Discover yourself

There is no one like you! We start with your Human Design reading as our basis for our journey, so we are both aware of your divine gifts, that will help us to understand your life's purpose better

Week 2 - Integrate your Human Design

You integrate what you have uncovered about yourself during your personal Human Design reading. You start with a deconditioning process. and detangle your limitations and false beliefs. We do this so that you can make space for your desired reality

Week 3 - Safety first

In order to trust we need to feel safe. We will dive into bonding and inner child work as this is what often holds the key to all further transformations. We have to heal the inner child's anxiety and mistrust in order to move on powerfully. Liberate through connecting to all parts of your Self.

Week 4 - Your desired queendom

We dive into your biggest dreams, desires and visions for your life. Get clear on your values, your biggest why and your intrinsic motivation for everything. This is a profound goal-setting-clarity inventory which serves as your north star in your transformation journey.

Week 5 - Illuminate your inner museum

Great your inner child starts to feel safe and included! We deepen your Inner Bonding & Inner Child process. We dive deeper into your most powerful connection - your inner child - your wholeness within - and start healing the unconscious parts.

Week 6 - Co-create with life

Embrace your divinity within. Just because you can not see the unseen, does not mean it is not playing a big role in your life. Learn how life is always working for you, never against you.

Week 7 - Balance inner feminine & masculine

Depending on your journey we dive into patterns like co-dependence, addictive behaviour, coping mechanisms and strategies which keep you busy but don't lead to fullfiment. I support you become awaere. As awareness is the key for new beginnings. We shift the belief and self-perception and therefore your daily behaviour.

Week 8 - Choose & Create

Depending on your journey we dive into patterns like co-dependence, addictive behaviour, coping mechanisms and strategies which keep you busy but don't lead to fullfiment. I support you become awaere. As awareness is the key for new beginnings. We shift the belief and self-perception and therefore your daily behaviour.

Week 9 - Intent, pray, love

Establish a daily toolkit to be a strongly connected with yourself and life's perfect orchestration. Make us of powerful, feminine ways of create your life.

What I was allowed to learn is to read and understand myself. This helps me a lot in everyday life! Set boundaries, communicate strongly, build my business, accept my inner child, all parts within me, no self-punishment or shame!

Feeling and enduring feelings, etc. my whole way of thinking was allowed to change and that is my key to happiness!

I finally changed my job and started my dream as a yoga teacher. A lot has also changed in everyday life. The way I look at things and above all the love for myself.

Chi has holistic approaches and looks at a person individually and not as learned in psychology studies (everything suits everyone). Her nature is magical and she helps you to understand you and not to change you. That's the key to happiness!

This was the best investment in my life and I hope you will go on this journey too. Go go gooo!

Antonia Freund

In my life, I have had the privilege of experiencing many coaching containers of this kind, but none has evoked in me the feeling of unconditional love quite like Chi's. Her unique approach, engaging without judgment, creates an atmosphere of one hundred percent moral and energetic safety that I've missed with other coaches.

Chi embodies the divine and purity in a way that transcends the limitations of the ego. Her energy is not only genuine but also warm-hearted – a combination that cannot be feigned. As an empathetic guide, one feels protected and supported throughout the process.

Her feedback and guidance are not only inspiring but also action-oriented and always actionable. Chi is not just a coach; above all, she is a human generously sharing her knowledge and wanting the best for you.

If you are seeking genuine benevolence, wish to experience a safe space with other women (she facilitates women's circles as well), and want to unfold your potential in a supportive environment, then Chi is the right person for you. She is resourceful and can keep you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually grounded while remaining professional.

Chi is more than a coach; she is an inspiration, a guide for authentic growth, personal development, and deep inner peace. Chi has the gift to lead you with love to lightness and joy until you can meet yourself with love.

Katrin Endres

I could find my joy in my every day life again. I could open my eyes to the miracles around me (flying to Zanzibar, my great uncle reaching out to me and giving me money and now HERE buying a plot for me).

I could see my parents for the first time for who they are and how toxic our and their relationship is. I started to FEEL again. I started setting boundaries with my parents. I realized I'm laughing when I feel like crying aka denial of my emotions because of lack of safety. I found my way back to god, I started praying again.

Thank you my love, for your patience, your love, your trust and your immense joy. You taught me so much and are a big inspiration also as in how to include being a Mother in my work. Forever grateful.

GO WHERE JOY LEADS YOU! With Chi you are in such safe hands, seen, held and heard.

Agnes Schwermer

The 9 x 1 : 1 coaching sessions over a period of up to 5 months include:

  • 9 x 90 mins personal coaching & guidance with me
  • via the Zoom app
  • tailoring in your questions & needs during the call
  • Whatsapp support in between calls
  • Zoom recording for unlimited replay & deeper integration

Your Investment: 3000€

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