Empowered Mama & Child Retreat

incl. Child Care


Relax.                   Recharge.                 Rise.

Hey beautiful Mama,​

are you a super woman who is ticking off bravely her to-do lists while running from one duty to another trying to squeeze in all your responsibilities in the least time possible, hoping you get a tiny slot to relax and breath for yourself? 

Meditation attemps often end up in crushing out because you are so damn behind on proper high quality sleep for years?


Are you finding yourself functioning on auto-pilot who is operating from a minimum amount of energy while trying not to sweat, so no one worries about you?

The days where your beloved morning routine, your spiritual growths and self-care were bringing you so much flow, trust and confidence but today these powerful tools are just so hard to realize throughout your packed days.



It's time to flip the script!

We need you in your full radiating power.

Because you are raising tomorrow's humanity!

Is this you?

You want it all, time for yourself and your emotional, mental and spiritual hygiene while you are a good parent.

You choose courage over comfort and are ready to step into your personal transformation. You are strengthening the connection to your precious self, because you know that all other relationships in life incl. to your child are just a mirror of your self-love.

You are done juggling it all alone and ready to open up for support and receiving from an inspiring like-minded tribe. 

You’re done living life according to obligation and other people’s expectations. You want to live life on your terms, following your desires. You’re ready to let go of people-pleasing, start holding your boundaries and voice your true desires in order to worship your unique soul's journey.

You are longing to truly be seen and heard as well as truly see and hear others in order to live authentic and empowering relationships in your life. 

You’re done with the competition between women. You’re ready to be strongly connected with like-minded women who support you.

You believe in the flexibility of your child and how it serves your child when YOU are in your power first. You believe it serves your child to get to know a new culture and environment. You are willing to open up to the warm-hearted Balinese culture, which is different to the first world Western culture. 

This is your invitation

Spend 8 days in the lush Bali jungle, getting to know Mama Bali's magic which she holds so beautifully for each and everyone of you. Ubud is the name of this highly spiritual jungle town. Which in Balinese sanskrit language means "Medicine" and "Healing". A true oasis to reclaim back any single mum's drained energy.

Let go of your stress, multi-tasking activities. Let go of being strong and being on auto pilot to awaken a deeper, more intuitive, alive, and powerful version of yourself.


We invite you to move and strengthen your body through yoga, dance and incredible tasty plant based food. 

We invite you to feel reconnected to your self, to your child and other amazing mothers. This is a safe space for you.

Feel held, nurtured and empowered.

Your new mantra is: You deserve peace in your life.

The Details

  • You will experience the power of a whole village supporting you and your child. #ittakesavillage

  • Feel connected to beautiful like-minded mothers.

  • Get pampered. Feel energized, relaxed and deeply connected.

  • Feel nurtured and empowered.

  • Reactivate your inner lioness and get inspired to go for your true heart's desire.

  • October 11th-18th 2020 

  • 8 days / 7 nights in Ubud, Bali

  • child-care included, flexible timings to your need

  • Plant-based food, snacks & drinks included

  • ​limited to 8 mothers & up to 2 kids per mother - this is your retreat time, we want to keep it small & intimate

  • spacious retreat center with pool, yoga shala and massage room

Example Day


7:30  Morning practices ( meditation, yoga, dance, journaling, intention setting & reflecting ) 

9:00 Breakfast together 

10.30 Photoshoot in the ricefields, pausing your mom role and celebrating the gorgeous goddess you are,

images with & without child  / massage for mother

1:00 Lunch together

2:00 Afternoon interactive experiences with guest facilitators ( breathwork, conscious parenting circle, cacao ceremony, embodies empowerment, water temple purification ceremony )

5:00 Sunset walk on the royal land of Ubud / bonding time mother & child

6:00 Dinner together 

8:30 Closing the day circle

10:00 Bedtime


7:30  Sleeping in / getting ready & fun play with Balinese nanny

9:00 Breakfast together 

10.30 Photoshoot in the ricefield with mom, easy play time with your Balinese nanny

1:00 Lunch together

2:00 Afternoon interactive experiences with guest facilitators ( kid's meditation & yoga, mandala painting, crafting Balinese offerings ) or excursion to Bali Bird Park, Bali Safari, fun play houses

5:00 Sunset walk on the royal land of Ubud / bonding time Mom & child

6:00 Dinner together 

8:00 Bedtime

IMPORTANT:  You are the experts of what you and your child need. 

All these activities are optional and provided opportunities.  Taking time to withdraw is obviously always an option since you are responsible for your own and your child's wellbeing. We will support with everything we can to make this stay powerful for both of you.

Investment for Mother & Child 

What is included in your investment?

11th-18th October 2020, Ubud Bali

  • 2 sessions of group coaching calls before arrival (valued at 200 €) 

    • Get to know the mothers tribe

    • How to best prepare for flight alone and Bali trip with kid

  • 7 nights in a beautiful retreat center surrounded by 80 coconut palm tress (valued at 500 €)  

  • 8 days of delicious nurturing plant-based breakfast, lunch dinner & snacks incl. coconuts and juices all day for you and your little one (valued at 450 €)

  • airport pick up and drop off  & transport to activities during your retreat week (valued at 150 €) 

  • 7 days of morning yoga, meditation, empowering intention setting, journaling, sister sharing circle (valued at 350 €) 

  • 7 days of empowering & immersive activities and experiences for you dear woman such as a water temple purification ceremony, cacao ceremony, self love immersion, breathwork, embodied empowerment activation, conscious parent circle, 2 massages etc.  (valued 800 €) 

  • 1 photoshoot in Bali's breathtaking nature (valued 200 €) 

  • 7 days of fun & exciting activity program for your child such as Bali Bird Park, Bali Safari, playful yoga & meditation, mandala painting etc. (valued at 350 €) 

  • 8 days of loving and warm-hearted child care by beautiful hand-picked Balinese nannies - a village that will take care of your needs with a never stopping smile from the heart ( priceless )

  • Basically come to Bali and we have you and your little one all covered to totally relax and immerse into this beautiful land with amazing other moms and children and all the empowering experiences that are waiting for you. 


The retreat incl. all the above is valued at 3500 €


Early bird ( dates will be announced soon ) 2250 €

On time bird 2550 €

Cost per additional child: 350 €

Pay 25 % now and reserve your spot.

Chi Lisa Schulz

Meet your Team

I am so excited to be enhancing the retreat with amazing teachers and facilitators who have impacted me on my journey to transform and step into my wholehearted power.

Nicole Seeger

Rebecca Needs

Hi beautiful, I am Chi, your retreat host. I'm an empowerment life coach and single mother to my 2 year old. He is my biggest teacher and reminds me daily of what our essence in life is: joy, love and pure consciousness.


When my family broke apart and I ended in a dark place, I decided to get back on my feet and took my 8 months old baby to Bali. I always felt nurtured and held on this island and always knew that part of my Indonesian soul is home here. Over a year Mama Bali was gifting me with healing and empowerment, purpose and creativity, a helping village to raise my son, a conscious community to thrive along inspiring sisters, incredible nature and magical gifts of all sorts that have re-filled my emotional, mental and spiritual cup. 

My heart's desire is to give back all the nurturing experiences I have received. My mission is for every parent, especially single parent to get all the helping hands in raising tomorrow's humanity. To find hope, love and strength in their darkest hour. Because it takes a village to raise a child. Just because we glorify individualism over community in the Western world does not change that fact.

I truly believe by coming back to our heart's desire and reparenting our inner child we not only turn into the best version of parents we can be but also can transform the world. 

Rebecca is a wise woman, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a lover.

She goes on deep adventures with her chrystals & self-love practices and she is addicted to Cacao. A hair and makeup artist who’s successful career in the film industry caused her to burnout. She decided to “be the change” and live her life in a softer more feminine way

tuning into her inner guidance connecting to her cycles, listening to  bodies signals and follow her heart.

Now lives in Ubud facilitating workshops, women’s circles, morning meditations and magic.

As a mom, spaceholder, facilitator, artist and all around Modern Woman, Nicole finds great joy in empowering others along the path of self-realization and transformation.

She has been facilitating Women Circles, Embodied Empowerment Workshops, Conscious Parenting Workshops and Private retreats, utilizing her background in Family Counseling, as a Usui Reiki and Children's Yoga Teacher and Mentor.

Nicole is a mother of 2 children, married to Robin (what a power couple) and lives in Ubud, Bali.

Robin Seeger

Colleen Grace Kelly 

Sarah Pietzko

Robin loves his role as Inner Truth Activator as he enables who works with him to take control of their life, helping them unlock "Their Path". An intuitive spirit guide who comes full circle combining his extensive knowledge leading companies utilizing his logical mind with an innate, intuitive, shamanic nature, which allows him to navigate easily through challenges of any kind.


  Robin has been passionately facilitating Men's Circles and Conscious Parenting workshops and private coaching sessions.

Tame your mind. Unleash your heart. Free your spirit with Relationship Coach Colleen Kelly.

She truly believes that your relationship towards yourself is the foundation of your whole life. She does not believe in fairy tales but in life's real work: commitment, vulnerability & courage which pays off beyond any fairy tale. As a Relationship & Sexuality Coach, Holistic Health Coach and Breathwork Facilitator she guides women into their radiant, loving, powerful version by deepening a loving relationship to the self. 

Zara is a contact dance facilitator.

She found her purpose in guiding human beings to a fearless expression through movement and individual bodywork with her caring and loving presence.

Her work with the human body started 2012 when she finished her 2 year school of  massage and body therapy. As a former professional dancer she realized that our body needs special attention and a loving touch to function long term. She found her own forms of how to touch a body also on an energetic level gets inspired after every session with her clients. 

Still Got Questions?
I'm here to answer all your questions. Planning this experience with your child is super exciting and can create questions.
I phone you back please add your number. 

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