Do you crave a nourishing tribe of sisters

who get you and lift you up?

Welcome to our space.

Step into the Circle of Empowerment

I am the flame holder, the guide, and the guardian of this sacred sisterhood.

I've walked this path for over three years, bringing women from all corners of the globe into our transformative gatherings.

Let me tell you why I do this. I've felt the depths of loneliness, like a lone wolf navigating a world from a wounded masculine and feminine within, that often doesn't honor our visionary spirit, our tender hearts, our divine nature .

I created this place of real connection, a shelter for heartfelt women who are yearning for a more feminine way of living.

Together, we create a transformational space—a place where you rediscover the wisdom, love, and magic that lies within. Our circles, ceremonies, and rituals are a call to the wild, a path to your most authentic self, a celebration of your strength.

So, join us, dear heart. Come into this sacred circle, into the sisterhood that understands you deeply, where you can share your truths, dreams, and fears. Let your intuition guide you here.

I invite you by holding the torch, but together we are the flames of transformation.

Are you ready to rise and become a part of this extraordinary sisterhood?

If you want to go fast walk alone.

If you want to go far walk together with your sisters.

In Our Gathering we will Experience...

a welcoming circle

a grounding meditation

a deep dive into an feminine empowerment topic

a sharing circle

a closing ritual

Women Remembering Circle

Next Gathering:

In person even coming up soon - Berlin

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I am so excited to connect and dive deep with you!


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