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I'm a passionate certified Human Design reader & intuitive Empowerment Coach with four years of experience guiding over hundred beautiful humans on a journey of self-connection, self-awareness, and self-trust.

My journey into Human Design began in 2014, through my mentor Iris von Tiedemann. However, it fully embraced me when my son was born in 2018. I was so curious to unpack what soul came down onto this planet, so I could be the best mother on his journey.

As an unconventional, free-spirited 4/6 sacral generator with a stellium in Cancer (don't worry, it will all make sense after your reading), I'm an not your typical Human Design Reader, as I always use my unique intuition and empathy to guide you beyond logic.


... I'm more than a certified Human Design Reader; I've walked in your shoes. My own personal story from gloom to bloom helps me understand the desire for change, the quest for freedom, peace and joy, and the yearning for good damn soul-alignment in all areas of life!

This space isn't just about Human Design only; it's a fusion of Human Design, Empowerment Coaching, Women's Circle & Ceremonies & magical in-person retreats. This blend has allowed me to witness over a hundred people undergo profound transformations as they leave a dissatisfying conformed self and align with their true nature embracing their own uniqueness.

Some say I leave them behind feeling inspired and empowered with just my way of interacting with them. Some call me a natural, a gifted talent to build connections and communities.

My child-like joy, my compassion for people, my curiosity - to know what's possible for me and you - and my unshakable determination to grow and live the most magical life possible for me and my family are my markers in life.

My goal is to create a powerful experience of love, tenderness and softness, so that people feel safe to open up and go deep into unpacking their own treasure box and inner compass - in a loud, fast-spinning, ego-driven and and opinionated world.

I'm half German and half Indonesian and the prodest mother to our beautiful son Manoa. Our two homes in Bali and Berlin offer the perfect balance of excitement and tranquility.

My big obsessions include all things freedom, community, family, child-like joy, adventures, the collective spirituality awakening and nature, especially flowers and puppies.

I'm excited to get to know you and join you on your self-discovery journey!

My certificates & learned wisdom

- The Human Design Academy - THDA

- Ralpf Stumpf Seminare - NLP Practionioner, Berlin

- Life Coach Ausbildung München, Michaela Merten & Pierre Franck

- Universal Coach Academy

- Iris von Tiedemann Transformational Coach Institute, Berlin

- Adam Kawalec Life Coaching

- Shams-Tabriz - Elevated Mentorship 1

- Shams-Tabriz - Elevated Mentorship 1

- Shams-Tabriz - Wisdom Sessions

- YTT 200 hrs Element Yoga Berlin

- YTT Yin Liliana Lakshmi and Sathya

- Bhakti Retreat Ibiza Liliana Lakshmi and Sathya

- Bhakti Retreat Corfu Liliana Lakshmi and Sathya

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